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About our company

Andreas Schneiber, constructors of plant and special purpose machinery

The company, Andreas Schneiber – constructors of plant and special purpose machinery, was founded as a sole proprietorship in July, 1993. Its head office is located in the Vulgo Treffengut Forge, Dornleiten 19, in 3343 Hollenstein an der Ybbs, in Austria.


The origins of the Treffengut forge can be traced back to the 14th century, according to the national heritage organisation (Bundesdenkmalamt). Since the mid 16th century, the Treffengut forge has been working iron.


The smithy has now been renovated and opened to the public.

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Founder Andreas Schneiber

We place great emphasis on the safe operation, user-friendliness and solidity of our products, which allows us to provide you with very good, almost maintenance-free, exceptionally long-lasting products.


The 500m2 industrial premises located at Dorf 165 in Hollenstein were purchased in 1996.


Our team comprises a technician, skilled engineer and an apprentice.

Temporary personnel are hired in for peaks in manufacturing requirements.


Our premises are located on the B31 trunk road, allowing easy access for large lorries.