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Milking line stall with automatic trapping gate

Our invaluable hands-on experience ensures that our milking line stalls with automatic trapping gate are highly practical and of solid construction.

How it works

  • Animals are lured into the milking stall using feed concentrate and captured one after the other by the automatic trapping mechanism.
  • Access is shut off.
  • Milking takes place whilst the animals are eating the feed concentrate.
  • The milking stall exit then opens. The feeding gates open.
  • The happy, milked animals leave the stalls one after the other.
  • Once the exit is shut, the feed concentrate is dosed out for the next group of animals. Feed is dosed either by a crank handle or using electric dosing equipment.
  • The next round of milking can begin.

built for daily use

We place great emphasis on the safe operation, user-friendliness and solidity of our products, which allows us to provide you with a very good, almost maintenance-free, exceptionally long-lasting product.

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